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C. В. Ліщук


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C. В. Ліщук



У статі досліджуються сучасний стан та тенденції державного регулювання в сфері професійного спорту. Проаналізовано нормативно-правове регулювання професійного спорту в Україні. Досліджено історичний розвиток професійного спорту в Україні. Порівняно проблеми держаного регулювання професійного спорту України і Франції. Визначено пріоритетні напрями державної політики щодо розвитку професійного спорту в Україні.

C. Lishchuk



Sport in our country was recognized as a full profession recently, although long before it became clear that to achieve high athletic performance athlete should be given training and racing too long to be able to simultaneously somewhere else to work. In this regard, many famous athletes, coaches and scientists have repeatedly talked about the need for social protection of athletes and dissemination of labor laws on the relationship between sports and the athletes and sports organizations.
The system sports the highest achievements in Ukraine include the bulk of the national teams, Olympic training centers, schools of higher sportsmanship, sports clubs, including professional.
A certain degree of independence of sports organizations that manage the system of professional sports, to instil own set of legal regulators embodied in the form of procedural rules. Along with the development and complexity of social relations in the field of sports and improved legal regulators developed sports organizations. Currently procedural rules adopted by sports organizations to regulate the following issues: legal status of participants in sporting events; Criteria for admission to participate in sports; redistribution of income derived from sporting events; transitions athletes from one sports club to another; penalties for breaches of procedural rules and others.
Thus, the model of state regulation of social relations prevailing in the area of professional sport in Ukraine, suggests the presence of two subjects: sports organizations and the state. First continue to play a significant role in the regulation of relations in professional sports, but the observed increase in government intervention. Currently existing experience of state regulation of professional sport can not be called successful. In this connection it should solve the following problems: 1) to find the optimum combination of self-regulation and state regulation of professional sport; 2) establish the limits of state regulation of social relations in professional sports.
The solution to the aforementioned problems can be straightforward and monosyllabic: on the one hand, the need to avoid excessive government interference in the affairs of sports organizations, dangerous and can destroy the system of state regulation, established sports organizations. In this regard, we should agree with FA von Hayek, who notes that "the tendency of modern governments to put control of all common interests threatened destruction of the spirit of true citizenship, and as a result more and more people turn away from public life". On the other hand, the problem of public order, bribing members of sports events, doping and corruption in sport can not be solved without government assistance. Accordingly, the state must understand their role and clarify the extent of their participation in the legal regulation of social relations in professional sports. This understanding will not only avoid unnecessary bureaucracy professional sport, but also promote the use of effective opportunities for effective state regulation of social relations in professional sports.

№ 5 2015, стор. 106 - 109

Рубрика: Економіка

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C. В. Ліщук

аспірант кафедри державного управління та місцевого самоврядування, Національний університет водного господарства та природокористування

C. Lishchuk

A graduate student of Public Administration and Local Government, National University of Water Management and Nature

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Ліщук C. В. Сучасний стан та тенденції державного регулювання в сфері професійного спорту. Інвестиції: практика та досвід. 2015. № 5. С. 106–109.

Lishchuk, C. (2015), “Current status and trends of state regulation of professional sport”, Investytsiyi: praktyka ta dosvid, vol. 5, pp. 106–109.

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